Courtney Koester
San Francisco, CA


I seek out inspiration for a living.

I was born and raised in New Jersey, but am nothing like the Jersey Shore cast. With a healthy, yet slightly elevated, level of enthusiasm, I like to bring fun wherever I go and am a true people person at heart. I have a great passion for travel, drink Earl Grey tea like it’s my job, am a hurting-but-loyal Mets fan, and can tie any conversation back to my favorite television shows.

I’ve had the privilege of working and growing with some truly talented companies over the years. Each has built me into the person I am today and has encouraged me to bring all of who I am into my work and serve others, above all, through the process.

I love getting to share the way I see the world with people through personal and professional creativity. Adventuring around the globe, connecting with people one-on-one and filming their uniquely beautiful stories — that’s my dream job in a nutshell. Amazingly enough, that IS my job today and I couldn’t be prouder!

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 *Header photo by Matt McMonagle