*Header photo taken in Hetch Hetchy Valley, CA ( original name in Miwok, hatchhatchie ) by  Matt McMonagle

*Header photo taken in Hetch Hetchy Valley, CA (original name in Miwok, hatchhatchie) by Matt McMonagle




I seek out inspiration for a living.

A creative by design and filmmaker, photographer + holistic life coach by trade. I have the honor of getting to document and witness diverse and authentic human stories — the beauty of the human experience.

Personally speaking, I am an earl grey tea drinking, world exploring, triple Sagittarius. A lover of the great outdoors and a classic old fashion. I’m frequently found diving deep into conversation, clever lyrics and/or thought-provoking books + movies. I feel human kindness at a deep level and prioritize personal growth.

Professionally speaking, I’ve had the privilege over the years of working and growing with some truly talented individuals and companies. Each has built me into the person I am today and has encouraged me to bring all of who I am into my work and serve others, above all, through the process.

Quick résumé: Growing through over a decade of experience in the production world, working for & with amazing companies like CreativeLive, Paper Jam Press, Rob Adams Films, WeUpWomen, Late Show with David Letterman and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Additionally, I am a certified Holistic Life Coach through the University of Wellness and a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner through the American Alliance of Drugless Practitioners.

I love getting to share the way I see the world with people through personal and professional creativity. It is my greatest honor that this work allows me to adventure around the globe and connecting with people one-on-one through coaching or capturing people’s uniquely beautiful stories through my camera lens. I am grateful.

Now let’s learn more about you! What is your story?