Tips For Feeling More Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Getting nervous in front of the camera is very similar to having stage fright when public speaking. Just like a room of people, the camera suddenly allows our minds to go into overdrive and we second guess what we would otherwise naturally say.

Here are 7 ways to come back to center and feel more confident in front of the camera:

  1. Take a deep breath. While this may seem like a no brainer, our nervous energy has a lot to do with how much and at what pace we are breathing. Nervousness can cause us to unconsciously hold our breath or have shallow fast breathing. Both of which culminate in furthered nervous energy in the body. Breathing exercises are great to have on hand to use prior to and/or throughout your time on camera.

  2. Take time that day to pamper yourself a little and be thoughtful about what would feel good to you. The video will only benefit from the energy you exude when you are feeling good about yourself coming in. Whether it’s wearing your favorite outfit or treating yourself to getting your hair or nails done that morning. You want to give yourself the gift of feeling like your best self. This is an automatic confidence booster.

  3. Hold the coffee/tea. Caffeine, while wonderful, creates a nervous energy naturally. There is no need to add to the nerves here. Make sure to replace your morning coffee with water so you are well hydrated. Note: after you are all done you can celebrate by treating yourself to your favorite brewed beverage — giving you something to look forward to :)

  4. a. IF YOU’RE BEING INTERVIEWED: Ask your interviewer to chat with you beforehand about something off-topic. Get comfortable in conversation first. Remember how it feels to use your voice naturally. Remind yourself that you know what you’re talking about and the more you speak from a natural place the more people are apt to connect with what you are saying.
    b. IF YOU’RE FILMING YOURSELF: Do the same as above, but to yourself. Look directly into the camera as if you are talking to the person you are most comfortable with and, before you start your video, have a casual conversation about a topic that comes with ease to you.

  5. Move at your own pace. While this might be scheduled, learn what amount of time you need for yourself to get into your groove. Once your know this, plan for it and make sure to communicate it to your video team.

  6. Get silly. I’m serious about this. Shake out your shoulders, have your team do a mid-interview dance party with you, toss a fun question out to your live audience and allow some space for interaction. This will allow your mind to start to reframe this process from a nerve-racking one to one that can be fun.

  7. Schedule time beforehand for yourself to center and to imagine yourself succeeding. Close your eyes and relax yourself. Listen to your favorite song, take a walk outside, and/or meditate. To finish where we started, this will allow you to come back to your natural breathing rhythm and calm your energy. Furthermore, to then imagine yourself succeeding in front of the camera will assist you in not only visualizing the outcome you desire, but connecting you to the feeling of it. This connection to feeling the reality of it is deeply powerful and allows a doorway for your desired reality to take place. Note: If you choose to meditate, I made a free mediation for you specifically for this topic! It is a Meditation For Feeling More Comfortable In Front Of The Camera.

  8. Bonus: Give yourself permission to fail. You are human and whether we like to admit it or not, mistakes happen. This especially happens when we are stressed and overthinking. Mistakes, however, are some of our best tools for learning. And when we take the pressure off a little by writing that permission slip to ourselves, we get to release some of that anxious energy. This also gives us permission in the end to reframe an “imperfect interview” to be a “successful try” and to be continued education for your next time in front of the lens.

Which tips most align for you? Let me know how these work for you as you start to put them into practice!