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Tips For Feeling More Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Getting nervous in front of the camera is very similar to having stage fright when public speaking. Just like a room of people, the camera suddenly allows our minds to go into overdrive and we second guess what we would otherwise naturally say.

Here are 7 ways to come back to center and feel more confident in front of the camera.

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ckoester start anew

ckoester inspired has been many things for me personally over the years. It took me a bit, but once I realized how solid this foundation was I knew it needed to be more than a space for my freelance work. It needed to be shared. I wanted to create a business where I was collaborating with my clients — where they too could dream, create, and grow in this space. So here we are. Officially in business. ckoester inspired, LLC is a business inspired by its roots and created to connect. A business integrating play, collaboration, and growth at every turn.  

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