Mindful marketing

Integrated Coaching with Video + Photography Services
For Those Desiring a Holistic Approach in Every Aspect of Their Business


What is Mindful Marketing?

Mindful Marketing is bringing thoughtfulness into business. Promotional imagery can be more than typical marketing. It can be deeper. It can be infused with you with your story, with your client’s stories, with the cumulative journeys it has taken for your business to be where it uniquely stands today.

At ckoester inspired, Mindful Marketing integrates coaching with promotional video + photography services. It’s about bringing continued personal and professional growth together in the same space. Yes it helps your ROI, but it also helps your soul grow. It meets you where you’re at and assists you in continuing to connect with self, and therefore your clients, on a deeper level. Mindful Marketing helps you to continue to reconnect and recommit to your passions, fire and why you do what you do in the first place. Through intentional coaching sessions we will work as a team to create promotional media that will allow your clients to feel your most genuine truth/passion.


This is for you if…

+ You value continued personal growth and investment in self

+ You are a business owner/company that helps connect people back to self

+ You are looking for a holistic approach in the marketing of your business

+ You want to connect with (old and new) clients from the deepest, genuine space

+ You don't want sales-y marketing or generic video/media

+ You'd like to be coached through the video/photography process

+ You’d like help gaining clarity on your overall vision/message

+ You value + have respect for teamwork, integrity, mindfulness + the creative process

+ You want to reconnect to your fire/passion of why you do what you do

+ You want your core values integrated into every aspect of your business

+ You desire freedom to creatively explore yourself/bring your creative vision to life

+ You want to continue to grow yourself personally and grow your business professionally + financially through a mindful approach to marketing





Courtney is an amazing coach. She has a unique ability to make you feel truly heard and understood. On two separate occasions, she helped me navigate through massive things that were holding me back both in my personal life and business. I was able to make drastic changes to my life and she helped me see exactly what was holding me back so I could make little changes that changed my entire life. I highly recommend her for coaching. She has a warm and beautiful energy that will make you feel safe and supported as you let go of all the things that hold you back on the way to fulfilling your dreams.
— Coaching Client, CEO & Business Owner
I was able to witness and experience first hand Courtney’s natural talent and gifts as a life coach and healer. She is a compassionate, caring, and intuitive lightworker. Those that work with her will experience her gifts and blessings.
— Ìfé Milligan, Certified Holistic Life Coach, LCSW