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We are Indie Filmmakers. We are living a life where seeking inspiration is paramount -- through lives lived, stories told, adventures taken. From concepts to weddings, we thrive on showing people their own unique voice through film. Let us tell your story!

  • Courtney Koester

    Courtney seeks out inspiration for a living. She was born and raised in New Jersey, but is nothing like the Jersey Shore cast. With a healthy, yet slightly elevated, level of enthusiasm, she likes to bring fun wherever she goes and is a true people person at heart. Courtney has a great passion for travel, can finish an entire bottle of ketchup in one sitting (no joke), is a hurting-but-loyal Mets fan, and can tie any conversation back to a Friends, Scrubs, or How I Met Your Mother episode. A creative and thoughtful type by nature, she is likely found shooting and editing video, enthralled in an in depth conversation, or analyzing TV and film.


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Courtney Koester